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Providing Consumers with High Quality, Local Milk since 1997!

Thank you for choosing to buy local with the purchase of this carton of high quality milk from well-fed, pampered cows! We are a locally owned dairy farmer co-operative and are happy to provide you and your family with the freshest milk. Our farms are all family owned and operated, and we take great pride in the fresh, wholesome product that we produce each and every day. We formed this co-op to ensure the future of our farms by earning more for our efforts which will help keep them viable to continue for countless more generations. Think of Our Family Farms as “fair-trade milk” and that our hard-working farm families are getting a fair price for this milk.

We are committed to:

  • Our Cows: We take pride in our cows and treat them like they are members of our families! We must care for them 365 days a year (yes even on weekends and holidays!) Every cow has a name and they get breakfast before we do! All of our cows spend their days grazing on lush, green pastures in the Spring, Summer and Fall and they munch on feed we have grown throughout the year in the wintertime. It is our passion to ensure our cows are healthy, happy and comfortable!
  • Our Land: We are stewards of the land and have a deep belief in managing our farms using sustainable agricultural practices that help protect our natural resources and preserve open space.
  • Our Community: We are committed to producing a fresh, wholesome, nutritious product because we care about the health of our families, our friends and our neighbors. Our milk is tested daily to ensure it is free of antibiotics and our farmer’s promise is to never use artificial growth hormones.
Our Farm Members

Combined we preserve 2100 acres of land, generate 15 full-time jobs and care for 500 pampered cows!

When you drink Our Family Farms milk you are supporting these 2 Massachusetts family dairy farms!

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